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Cool Santa Claus Cake Ideas and Christmas Cake Recipes

I made a scratch cake from one of my many Christmas cake recipes and baked it using the Wilton sports ball pan as well as an 8″ square pan. I iced the square pan in red buttercream and decorated it to look like brick. I then decorated the sports ball cake to look like Santa’s middle. I added fondant legs coming out of the top. I then added buttercream accents to look like snow. Such a fun cake and my daughters’ classmates enjoyed it!

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Cake by Erin T., Dallas, TX

Santa Claus Christmas Cake Recipes

I made this from a Wilton pan and one of my mother’s Christmas cake recipes she had used back in the 80’s. The biggest challenge was that I had to recreate the face because when I dumped the cake out the face remained. I do not recommend using Wilton’s Cake Release. It never worked for me. Generic Pam is what I use now and it works better and is cheaper.

I had the original paper work that’s enclosed in the pan so I was better able to complete this cake. I used mostly the star tip and a regular round tip to outline and decorate the areas. I do not remember the tip # I used for his hair. I think I did a pretty good job except his skin isn’t the right color.

Cake by Jean A., Louisville, KY

Santa Claus Christmas Cake Recipes

I used cupcakes for this. I found a picture of a cupcake online and I decided to do a bunch of them like that. I iced the cupcakes smooth with buttercream first then I used a #21 tip. The eyes and cheeks are candy.

Cake by Belinda M., Bronx, NY

Santa Claus Christmas Cake Recipes

Cake by Charlotte S., Georgetown, TX

Santa Claus Christmas Cake Recipes

This cake was baked in a Wilton-shaped pan and I pretty closely followed the pan shape. I used red icing from a squeeze package for Santa’s hat. I used a star tip for the beard and made swirls. The Christmas cake recipe was fun to make.

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