Clown Themed Birthday Cake for My Husband

I recently joined a cake decorating class at Michaels and have learn a lot. My husband’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to make a two layer cake. What started out to be a simple cake idea, turned out to be a sort of clown themed birthday cake with ruffles and shirt and bow. It was funny because the more I worked on it the more I wanted to dress the cake. In the end I was very happy with my first cake decorating attempt and everybody loved it.

Assembling the Clown Themed Birthday Cake

  • The cake  sizes were 6 inch and 2 inch and baked in Wilton pans.
  • The flavour of one was vanilla and the other was chocolate.
  • The filling was vanilla cream for one and Nutella mascarpone cream for the other.
  • The icing was vanilla made with icing sugar, butter, and Crisco for outside sealing.
  • I covered the cakes with homemade fondant.
  • For the bow I used white fondant. I cut it in strips, folded them and twisted them at the bottom to make sure they wouldn’t came apart.
  • I used white and blue gum paste twisted together for the roses.
  • For the edging I used icing coloured in blue and used tip #21 from the Wilton set and for the middle I used the roses tip #104.