I made this construction vehicle cake for our son’s second birthday. He loves everything to do with construction right now!

It was fairly simple once I had all the components prepared. The base was a 9X13 2″ cake cut into an ‘H’ shape and covered with grey fondant for the tracks.

The center was a square piece of Styrofoam covered with yellow fondant to lift the cab and engine up from the tracks. The engine and cab were 9X9 and 2X3 2″ cake covered with yellow fondant. I secured the cake together with 3 dowels for support. I made the bucket with fondant– the arms were fondant-covered dowels. I had a ton of fun creating the construction site with all of Benjamin’s favorite treats!

All told, I used 3 cake mixes, 7 cups of icing and about 60 oz. of fondant. There was plenty of cake to go around! Benjamin’s reaction was priceless. That smile was one I won’t forget for a long, long time!