Cool 3 Tier Batman Cake

This is my 3 tier Batman cake that I made for a very special little boys birthday. This was such a fun cake to design. I really wanted to use bright colors for this cake to make it pop. The top tier is for Joker and the flavor is a coconut cake with a strawberry filling and a Pina Colada buttercream.

The middle tier is for Robin and the flavor is red Velvet cake with a Cream Cheese filling and a white chocolate buttercream. The bottom is for Batman and the flavor is a chocolate fudge cake with an Oreo cream filling between layers of crumbled Oreo’s and a marshmallow butter cream.

All the cakes were covered in home made marshmallow fondant. The building, Batman and Robins logo’s, the starburst, the buttons and Jokers bow tie are all made from a fondant and gumpaste mixture. I used edible markers to write all the words on the starburst.