I made this cake for my sister. It was the first real fondant cake I had made. I tried to include all her favorite things. She loves frogs, so I have him holding her birthday sign. Another of her favorites are Johnny Jumpups. They were a bit tricky to make. The purple spikes took some imagination for sure.

She also thinks stumps are cool so I had to get one of those in also. She loves her flip flops also, so had to find a way to get those in. So I added a pond with a bridge for more fun. She has ceramic mushrooms in her garden as they also are favs, so I had to include those. I think she just loves all flowers.The amythest geode was also something she likes, so managed to get that in also. The rocks and tree fungus was all great fun to make. The little path is oreo cookie crumbs. I had a lot of time to make things ahead of time thank heavens. The best part was that she refused to cut it, and stared at it for hours. She couldn’t believe it was all edible.