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Cool Bubble Guppies Birthday Cake

This is one of my cakes that I made for my Twins 2nd B-days.

Their favorite cartoon was Bubble Guppies and all caracters in that movie. So I decided to make all of them from fondant. To make one of these figures it took me about 2 hours. To color the fondant to make shapes and to put them together. The hardest thing was to decide how big figures I want them to be. If I made them too small they won’t fit well on the cake same thing if I make them too big.

After I made my decision I start doing Dima first. It was complicated but with all my love and hope   I made them one after another. At the end I made Mr.Grooper and little fish too, without them the cake won’t be completed. :)

The Cake I choose to make was one with 4 layers, each layer was made of egg-whites, flour and hazalnuts. The filling was made of egg-yolks, melted butter, suger, hazalnuts, choko-bananas (little once).

The cake was so delicates, decorative and all our gests enjoyed it. Specially kids!


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