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Cool Chicago Blackhawks Cake

My oldest son is a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan – and asked for a jersey for his birthday cake.

For the homemade Chicago Blackhawks cake I started by making the logo which took about 4 hours in total. I printed the logo out and traced it onto waxed paper. I then flipped the waxed paper over, and using royal icing and a size 3 tip – outlined the symbol in black. I then filled it in with all of the different colours. When it was dry it was just a matter of carefully flipping it upside down and attaching it to the cake with some butter cream.

I cooked up two 9×13 inch cakes using one for the torso and cut the second into thirds (width wise) and used two of the thirds for arms (I angled them so they fit right against the torso) I buttercreamed it and then added some red fondant. I had initially wanted to do the stripes on the jersey in fondant – but ran out of time so (hastily) just piped them on.

It was a HUGE success and the homemade Chicago Blackhawks cake got a lot of comments from people who were at the party location.

5 thoughts on “Cool Chicago Blackhawks Cake”

  1. So cute! Used this as my inspiration for my son’s cake. I did the back of the jersey with our last name & number 8 for his 8th birthday.

  2. Thanks! This gave me great inspiration for a friends son’s cake!!! Like the first comment, I’m doing the back of the jersey with a name and number, but they want a mini stick for the son to eat. I need to make a Boston Bruins sign for the sides of the jersey and the stick and will use your royal icing idea! Thanks!!

  3. With Father’s Day coming just after the Stanley Cup finals, this will be a great cake (Vancouver version, of course) for my Canuck fans (husband & son-in-law)… Now, we just have to wait for last 1 or 2 games, or I might have to go with Plan B! Hahaha.
    (ps, I haven’t worked w/ fondant yet, but I’m pretty sure buttercream will work.)

  4. This looks amazing! I’m going to attempt the same thing for my boyfriend’s birthday next weekend and had a couple questions since this is my first attempt at a fancy cake :)
    What colour did you use for the face?
    How did you fill in the logo (face and black area) to look smooth?
    Also, did you do this in one day, or did you make the cake the day before? I’m thinking with the logo taking so long, if I can at least do some the day before, it will help.


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