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Cool Cinderella Castle Cake

This cool Cinderella Castle cake was done for my daughter’s theater group to enjoy after there opening night in which they did Cinderella.  It is made with chocolate and cream with fondant for decorations except for the ice cream cones. Cobblestones were fiddly but gave it some character. Flowers were added around various spots for gardens. Lollipops were used at the top of the stairs for lamps.

All in all the children and parents alike admired and enjoyed the cake. I also made a pumpkin carriage to be used in the production, not edible but I am extremely proud of the way it turned out. This was done by making a frame then paper macheing covering with material and lining the inside with velvet. Adding wheels on the pumpkin meant it could move back and forth to pick up Cinderella. I don’t know if you can share these ideas on this cake site but I hope so.

The Pumpkin Coach