Cool Dog Cake

The head of this dog cake was made from rise krispy treats. The body is sponge and butter cream fondant icing. The ears I made separate with gum paste, hard to put  on his head, it kept falling off. I sprayed with edible spray. The fur was made by pricking and pulling and scraping the fondant icing. As I made the cake the dog did get bigger as it went along so what I would say, if I am to do it next time I would scale it first or draw a sketch on some paper, measure the picture because my dog got bigger as I went along. His eyes I used edible glaze spray  to give the shine and it also protects your work.

This is the first time I made a dog cake before and learnt a lot for next time. I would do it with modeling chocolate as you have a longer time to play with, where as fondant it starts to dry and cracks quicker.