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Cool Dora the Explorer 4th Birthday Cupcakes

Hi – I had a request for Dora cupcakes. My new favorite decorating method is decorating with melted chocolate – it’s always fun to pull off that topper and take a bite out of it.

Dora’s Face:

I printed 2in. pictures of Dora’s face. Then put a sheet of wax paper over top of the printed picture.

I purchased candy mold chocolates in milk chocolate and peanut butter. I melted the peanut butter and put it into a squeeze bottle. I then outline and filled Dora’s face.

Next, the milk chocolate was melted and put into a squeeze bottle. I outlined and filled Dora’s hair.

When her face was dry – I used the chocolate to draw on the nose, mouth, and outlined the eyes.

White chocolate filled the eyes, and a mixture of white and milk chocolate did the eye color.

Fondant pieces:

I usually make my own marshmallow fondant – but it’s hard to get bright vibrant colors. So I purcased a small package of Wilton’s colored fondant.

With yellow and orange – I rolled it out and cut out stars with a 1 in. cookie cutter. To make the eyes and mouth I used the white chocolate and milk chocolate from the Dora faces. I attached the 2-color stars by wetting the backs of the yellows lightly.

I then rolled out the purple fondant and cut out flowers. Finally, rolled out the pink and cut out the 4’s – and wet the backs of the 4’s to attach them to the flowers.

The cake:

I always use Duncan Hines cake mix – the customer wanted all white.

The frosting is marshmallow vanilla buttercream. I piped rosettes and grass on the cupcakes.

Finally I just placed the toppers on top of the frosting – and filled in with grass here and there.

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