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Cool Floral Wedding Cake

I made this floral wedding cake myself and gifted it to our friends for their first marriage ceremony. I called it the love cake. Our friends were impressed by this cake and the specially set up, selected colours of the flowers, which represent happiness and warmness.

Steps for Making the Floral Wedding Cake

  • I spent 12 working hours baking, filling and decorating to finish this cake.
  • The cake was composed of three square levels.
  • Each one of them was made of a different flavour (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry).
  • It was filled with buttercream icing, covered in white ganache and topped with white Fondant.
  • The roses were handmade with gumpaste.
  • I used different degrees of pink colour for the flowers and then added others which were yellow, white, orange and violet.
  • I also made different shapes of green leaves.

The critical point of making this wedding cake was the time required for baking the three layers in a single home baking oven .

I believe that my presented cake is wonderful and I’m so happy that I did it.

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