I got a call on a Tuesday morning for a cake of Bowser chasing Toad from Mario Brothers. I haven’t really had anything to do with these characters for a long time. This cake was for the Saturday coming up which is normally not a problem, but I was leaving for some meetings out of town on Thursday which gave me only Tuesday and Wednesday evening to get the cake done along with preparing another cake for my nieces birthday party on Friday.

I didn’t have a yellow or specific colors so I had to make due with what I had (I didn’t have much time to drive anywhere, I live 37 miles from any place that would have what I need).

So Bowser was a toned down orange and toad was a toned down brown. Overall it was a challenge but I enjoyed making all the items out of moulding chocolate. This is the second cake I have made for this young man and I love seeing the reactions of him and his friends. My green was a little off so I had to make it all work somehow and in the end it all turned out great. Bowser was a lot of fun to make along with the brick blocks that they hit.