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Cool Homemade Chicago Bears Emblem Birthday Cake

I have been making a lot of cakes in the past couple of months and I am really just amature, but a friend recently asked me to make a Chicago bears cake for his sister’s birthday. It was quite interesting and I wasnt sure what I would be doing, so I grabbed some moulding chocolates and exacto knives and away I went. It is the 3rd cake for this family in the last couple months and one more to come.

It seems that in my little town in Montana I am becoming a wanted cake bake, all the kids tell their parents they want a cake made by Mrs. Wolff. Everyone always have a suprised, excited and amazed look on their faces when they see one of my cakes that I make. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I made someones day with any of my creations, even though I used to only make them for my neices and nephews birthdays.

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