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Cool Homemade Couple’s Golf Cake

I made this couple’s golf cake for the country club down the road. They have a golf couple’s league and the little man on the top is blowing the golf ball in the hole and the girl was just sitting on the side. I have golf clubs and a golf bag on the side and cat tails.

The most difficult part was the girl I could get her to look right I’m still experimenting and learning so ppl are my one of my difficulties but learned later on with my daughters cake to dry each body part separate then put together like I said still learning this is my 6 cake I have ever made with my daughter beauty and the beast cake being the 7 the that I entered earlier the cake inside is a chocolate and vanilla swirl oh yeah and the guy that runs the couples league it was his birthday so I squeezed that in there too. I’m hopping to someday have my own bakery by making cakes and cookies but mostly cakes I have 3 kids I’m a single mom and waiting for my youngest to start school next year than maybe I can look into getting a loan to get my own place for a bakery cause trust me 3 kids at home making cakes for ppl is kind of scary and not enough room to put my cakes somewhere where Lil finger aren’t going to get to it. So that’s my story I hope you like my cakes I’ve entered cause I love making them its fun to do on the side of my full time job.