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Cool Homemade Smurfs Mushroom House

The Smurfs have always been a childhood favourite of mine, who can resist those little blue creatures. When my second boy turned 1, I decided on a Smurfy theme which was perfect as it was blue and white. Now combined with my love for Smurfs, is my love for fairy-tale mushroom houses so I decided to make a birthday cake that resembled the smurf’s home.

Only afterwards did I realize that the cake was a bit small but that was fine as I had a backup cake for the guest.

The cake was a moist vanilla sponge which was home baked and marshmallow fondant which was also homemade. I had a blast decorating this cake, the colours were beautiful and bright.

The cake was exactly what I visualised but the size was a little too small. Birthday boy did not have a clue what was going on but I am sure that he had fun.

A Smurfy Mushroom House

Smurfs Mushroom House

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