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Cool Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake

I made the Spiderman and buildings from fondant. Spidy is watching and rubbing his chin as he takes in the view of New York city.

This Spiderman birthday cake was made for a friend’s son and was canceled the night before after 11pm because they had gone to Chuckie Cheese the week before and forgot they had ordered the cake. After all the work on the figures and buildings I hated to waste it. We had our Christmas parade the day the cake was due and I told the lady beside me, my neighbor, about the cake. She happened to know a lady who needed a cake for her son. Spiderman fit the bill!

I made the cake and sold it to a neighbor, things worked out great! They loved the cake and didn’t have to drive fifty miles to get one. Win/win situation. The son came home from hunting thinking they were cooking craw fish and dinner ended with cake!

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