Cool Homemade Superhero Cake

My grandson got all excited when it was his “big boy” birthday #5.  He chose his top three Super heroes for his cake.

For the Hulk hand my daughter, Nikki, placed a mixture of 3/4 gum paste and 1/3 fondant and sat for 20 mins while it set up with a fist.  After it dried we sprayed it with metallic green food color, hit it with some dark low lights.

For the building we “etched” the brick into flat fondant, then placed on the cake so it would cause the bricks to become distorted and look like they were falling over then hand painted with red and mixtures of brown and white.

Captain America on the bottom layer was done with strips of red, white and blue and white stars on a white background.d Iron Man’s helmet is a mixture of fondant and gum paste painted with edible gold spray food color.

Everyone loved the Superhero cake when we brought in.

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