I made this Jeep Wrangler birthday cake for my husband.

I’m a hobby baker and a house wife taking care of my 1 year old son. I’m originally from the Philippines and it’s my 2nd year in the USA. A month after I arrived here, I got pregnant so I never had a chance to work at all.

I don’t have the luxury of buying my husband a nice gift for his birthday, so I decided to make him a cake. He is a very good husband to me and I wanted to make a very special cake for him. I know how much he love his “toy” … I mean his Jeep Wrangler. :)

I went online and watched different tutorials in order to learn the basics of making car cakes. To be honest, this Jeep cake was very hard to make, especially because I was watching my 1 year old son all the time and sometimes he was not cooperating.  That siad, I enjoyed every minute of making this cake because I made this masterpiece for the love of my life. :)

My husband was very happy when he saw this cake. I may not have the money to buy him nice and expensive gadgets, but he told me that this cake is priceless and there was no comparison to any material things on earth because I made this cake with love.