Cool Joyful Mermaid Cake For The Sweetest Mum

This is the first time I tried to decorate a cake with fondant. I am fond of cooking and asked a cookery teacher to give me the recipe. I couldn’t wait and went directly to the supermarket for the ingredients. I did the cake the same day and was really happy about the results.

I offered the cake to my mum who is a wonderful mum and she was so happy. She was really sad to eat the cake and she ate small portions of it so that it stayed for long..ha ha..It took me a whole evening to do this cake as I was trying for the first time and took time to be sure I was doing everything properly. I did the parts of the mermaid’s body separately and the flowers also. I had only four food colours so my colour scheme is quite simple. I used some tooth picks to make the arm stay up. I used just a little water with a soft brush to make the cake glossy. I used just a simple square cake and did the fondant with icing sugar and marshmallows.

This was fun to do and I really enjoyed it. I just did my sister’s birthday cake also and hope I will get to share it also with you soon.