Cool Last Minute Nemo Birthday Cake

This last minute Nemo Birthday cake was my first ever attempt at a big cake. I never stray from what I know which are cupcakes, but my friend couldn’t afford to pay at the time so I offered free of charge to attempt one. So glad I did.

It was a plain vanilla sponge cake filled with candyfloss butter cream and 4 layers high and extremely delicious if I do say so myself. I expected it turn into a disaster as I didn’t have much time to pull it off but I got there in the end. I covered the cake in a lovely blue fondant and added all the hand made decorations. I think the best bit for me was making the turtle on top. I thought it was super cute but all in all it was exactly what was wanted, tasty, colorful and a one of it’s kind, something unique.

Getting it to the customer proved a little annoying as things kept falling off but I got there and managed to fix most of them back in to place just in time to see three of the most wide eyed children I’ve ever seen. So adorable, I’m so happy they were amazed by it, might try my hand at a few more.

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