Cool Moving Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake

This cake was a labor of love since I was not able to find many cakes that had mobile trains on them. We started with a full sheet cake. We found that a chocolate with extra sour cream was the best density to support the cake.

We had to build a slight support structure that was edible, thus we made a large chocolate sheet and laid that under the frosting. Picking the proper frosting was a no brainer. We went with a stabilized whipped cream, once it sets up it’s easy to smooth and we knew the train would not sink into. Then the hunt was on for the right sized train and weight. Luckily Toy R’ Us had what we needed.

We were able to construct and install the train all in one day then let it sit in the fridge overnight due to the fact we are in CA and the next days’ weather was going to be at least 102 and the party was in a park. Delivery day was a hit. The weather was just as expected. I packed the cake with dry ice around it and delivered it without a hitch. The cake held up under the heat and the train worked perfectly. The birthday boy was excited!

The next challenge is Polar Express running up cake mountain?