I started this cool Nautical Ship lost at sea cake two weeks ahead of time making all of the accessories. I actually had two cakes to make a day apart due. I made my own fondant for the cake as usual, and the customer loved it. I hand painted all of the accessories, and for the captain’s wheel I used pretzels. I colored my fondant myself and rolled and cut 3 inch strips for the bottom. I tried to use cookies at first for the life preservers, but they kept crumbling. So, I used the fondant.

Using the pants as a sail was kind of hard, because  I needed his name to stand out and I didn’t want the pants to look like girl jeans. lol.  The letters were put on last and it almost was unbalanced, but I was able to adjust it with the top of the sail. Overall,  it really was a lot of fun and not really much work.  It was about 2 1/2 feet tall. The top was Red Velvet cake, the middle was Italian creme, and the bottom was butter cream cake. Hope you like it.