We got a request to make a Ninja Turtle cupcake cake for 50 children. Okay, how do we do this?  We never made a cupcake cake. So we went online and got some images of Ninja Turtles. We then had the challenge of what to put it on. My cake cardboard’s were not big enough. I went in my garage and found a nice piece of plywood. I washed it well and we took our cupcake papers and arranged them around the board to see if they would all fit. Voila. They did.

We baked all the cupcakes and then arranged them on the board. Crossed our fingers that they were arranged correctly because if they weren’t there was no turning back.

I frosted all of them with chocolate icing and in the freezer it went for about 15 minutes. Then we went ahead, piped the template for the colored frosting. Stood back and was very proud of ourselves. The best part is that the 5 year old loved it and so did the parents.

This was a fun project.