Cool Princess Castle Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a pink and blue castle birthday cake for her 11th birthday. I’m a stay at home mother so baking cakes is normal, but to stack and decorate cakes is an act of love and means being up all night.

Making the Castle Birthday Cake

  • The bottom layers of the cake are chocolate and the top layers are pink velvet.
  • I piped out pink and blue stars the night before and let them dry.
  • My house is very busy during the day so I waited till 10pm to start decorating the cooled cakes.
  • I used tubs of icing and candy pearls for my decorations.
  • I finished at 9:47 am the next morning.

I bought a Wilton castle cake kit from our local party store which came as a 32 piece set. I need to practice before I try 12 turrets on my castle. I found the dowels attaching to the turrets to be the hard part.

The smile on my daughter’s face said it all!  My daughter loved the cake with number 11 sparklers to set it off.

My family and friends enjoyed the taste and of course, told me I did a great job. I can’t wait to work with this kit again!