Cool Homemade Princess Castle Cake

This is my first really big castle cake. I made it for my daughter’s music teacher. His daughter was turning 6! All I was told was to make it pink, lol. I knew I wanted turrets but wasn’t sure how to get them “realistic” until I saw the sugar cone idea. So I airbrushed the cones and set them to dry. I didn’t realize that moisture would make the cones start to open….oops. Luckily, they didn’t open too much and I was able to hand paint the cracks.

The pink crown on top is made from fondant, laid over a Crisco can to dry. Then I just piped the designs on it.

I know the cake was a success because after the delivery, my husband (my delivery boy, lol), called to tell me that the mom yelled “No one add ANYTHING to it! No candles! “. Guess the little girl was going to be celebrating her birthday “flame-less” this year.