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Cool Record Player Birthday Cake

I made this record player birthday cake with chocolate mud cake and chocolate butter cream covered in fondant. The colors and shading done with tea all pieces of the player and record is eatable. This birthday cake was still my favourite mud cake that I made.

I used a large square tin to make the cake in. Just adding enough chocolate is the key to a lovely perfect mud cake. The best part was making all the parts and seeing my hands turn black…trying to get that off is a mission. I added tylos to the fondant so the record died hard.

The photo is edible along with the other parts but the owner wanted to keep the record for safe keeping so he took it off and placed it on his bar. A few weeks later he was drunk and wanted to eat the record he bit into the record and broke his tooth.

I think I placed too much tylos in the fondant. Everyone still to this day thinks it is cool. This was the second cake I had made and it was for a friend thank god!

Record player birthday cake


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