Coolest 101 Dalmatians Cake

My daughter is Dalmatian mad and I did this 101 Dalmatians Cake for her 4th birthday which was last year. I do have the Wilton pan already as did this cake for my other daughter’s birthday a few years ago. I also have the original instructions but I tend to use them only as a guide line.

I use a Madeira sponge as it lasts well and is a little more solid. This cake was a vanilla sponge with chocolate chips in. The cake is iced using butter icing which I do make my-self. I have added LUCKY to the red scarf as this is my daughter’s favorite dalmatian. One trick with this cake is that you need to do it slowly. I tend to ice a bit then pop the icing in the fridge for a while. This stops it becoming to soft.

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