Coolest Homamde 1st Birthday Cake with Cupcakes

This 1st Birthday Cake was really easy to make. First I made 2 simple sponge cakes in a 43mx28cm silicone loaf pan. Make sure you measure the ingredients exactly so they are the same height. I added a couple of tablespoons of warm water to the mixture to make it more moist.

Once they had cooled down I wrapped them in cling film and put them in the fridge. Once cold, I cut the end off one of the cakes and used this bit as the top part of the “one”. I also cut the cakes in half height wise to add the buttercream icing into later. I also use a bit of the icing to bind the difference pieces together.

I used buttercream icing all over coloured with green food colouring. I then roughed up the surface with a fork so it looked like grass. I decorated it with some Waybuloo figures I had bought as my daughter loves the programme and could keep them as a present afterwards. I also decorated the cake with sugar flowers. You can use whatever decorations you like.

To complement the cake I made little cupcakes using the same sponge mixture and buttercream icing coloured in green, yellow or pink.