I made this 1st Birthday Dinosaur Cake for a friend of mine and got the idea from the party plates she ordered from the internet. The cake is chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

I started with the body of the Dino. I used 2 8″ rounds with icing in between, placed cardboard cutout to size covered with foil on top of the 2 layers for stability. I used another 8″ round and the topped it off with a 1/2 Pyrex bowl cake upside down.

For the neck and tail I used another 8″ round and carved the semi-circle for both and used pieces of cake to make a wedge to bring tail and neck up near the body. The head was proving to be difficult to carve out of cake, so I made a batch of rice crispy treats and was able to shape it the way I wanted.

I crumb coated the whole thing and then final coat and decorated. I used sugared orange slices for Dino’s spikes and a gummy worm hanging out of his mouth. This cake took a while since I am not a professional, But I had so much fun with it.