I made this cake for my daughter’s first birthday party, and my first ever attempt at anything like this before. It is just one round cake for the head and two larger rounds stacked for the back.

I rounded the two edges into more of a ball shape and covered them with fondant. I secured the 2 cakes with wooden skewers and after the shape was formed added the spots, eyes, antenna etc.

I also used fondant to shape out the leaves and the writing, as well as formed little baby ladybirds to decorate the board. They were especially easy – basically a red oval piece of fondant with a black semi oval head. I used black coloring gel for the spots on the tiny bugs as well as the line down the back.

It was such an incredibly heavy cake!! It was quite an effort to get it to the party but everyone commented on how much they loved it so I was really pleased.

My daughter of course, had no idea because she was only turning 1. She is 3 now and LOVES the pictures of her cake so it really was worth the work!