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Coolest 1st Birthday Summer Caterpillar Cake

I wanted to be able to make a cake in which my daughter could have her very own ‘part’ of the cake to dig in into, not just a piece. I wanted it to be kind of summer theme. So I decided to do a caterpillar! I did a google search, for some ideas, I found this site. I bought the Wilton ball cake pan. And I made butter-cream icing and used the Wilton pink and violet food colouring that comes in the little jars to make the bright colours.

I used white chocolate melts for the polka dots and used green food colouring and coconut shreds to make the ‘grass’. I got that idea from another submitter on this site. It worked great. I couple days before, I made flower and bee cake pops for a part of the take home treats for the kids. I made a couple extra bee’s to put around the cake and put aside some extra silk flowers I used for cake pops to also decorate around the cake.

I used multi coloured pipe cleaners for the feelers of the caterpillar with a couple of little licorice gummies for the ends and licorice rounds for the eyes. I bought lollipops and used black gel tubed icing to put the letters on the lollipops to spell ‘LIDIA IS’ and bought the #1 candle.

She loved the 1st Birthday Summer Caterpillar Cake and so did everyone that came to celebrate! Hope this helps others who want to make a caterpillar cake! So much fun to do!

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