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Coolest 1st Sports Ball Birthday Cake

For my youngest son’s first birthday, I knew I had to make a cake that had something to do with SPORTS, specifically a ball. He loves all balls and is constantly throwing and playing with any ball that he spies and he loves playing ball with his older brother.

I have the Wilton Cake Ball pan, but didn’t want to just choose one kind of ball. So I baked a large sheet cake and just flat iced it white and then baked the two halves of the cake pan. I flat iced those and then transferred them onto the sheet cake. I then decorated one like a basketball, using the star tip and following the directions from the cake pan. I decorated one like a baseball, but I didn’t use the star tip for the white, since it was flat iced already.

I made two more halves of the ball cake – as I wanted to do a separate cake for the little guy. I cut out a small circle and flat iced it and put it on the middle of the sheet cake and decorated it like a tennis ball (I wish I would have tinted the frosting a little more yellow then green). Then I just piped the lettering and the edges – super easy.

Very happy with how it turned out.

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