Coolest 2nd Birthday Cars Cake

My son has watched “Cars” more times that we can count, so it was appropriate to make him a 2nd Birthday Cars Cake.

We searched for ideas, from form cakes to unique ideas with cake toppers. While at Target, we spotted the three-piece Race Day cars – Lightening McQueen (with tongue extended), Chick Hicks, and The King all tying at the finish line. My son always exclaimed “there’s his tongue” at that scene, so we knew this was perfect.

We made two 9 x 13 sheet layers of yellow cake from mix. We didn’t want to use fondant, so we found a crusting butter cream recipe. I was very apprehensive as I’ve never used the crusting icing concept. But following the directions closely, including using Viva paper towels only as they don’t have a pattern, the smoothing of the icing was extremely easy.

He also loves peanut butter, so we found a recipe for crunchy peanut butter frosting and used it between the layers.

Recreating the race field was easy with store-bought decorating icings – just the finish line, the grassy area, some sugar decorations on the sides, and a candle – and then we finished with simply writing his name and adding the trio of cars.

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  1. I made this cake for my son’s second birthday party and not only was it easy to make, it was also fun! I found the race day toys (McQueen tongue and all) which added to the delightful comments. My son will NOT let the three race cars out of his sight-even at bed time! Thank you for the wonderful idea as it made his birthday a sweet,and very personal one!

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