Coolest 3 Tier Halloween Party Cake

This Halloween party cake is a three tier cake. Each layer has a different flavor.

Bottom Tier

  • The bottom layer is a 10 inch double layer white cake made from a box cake with extra vanilla added to enhance the taste.
  • I also added an extra egg.
  • It is covered in buttercream tinted with orange.
  • The face was cut out from black fondant.

Center Tier

  • The middle cake is an 8 inch chocolate cake made from a box cake.
  • I added about a fourth cup of instant expresso to the mix and an extra egg.
  • The expresso adds a depth of flavor to chocolate that makes everyone wonder what makes it taste so good.
  • It is covered in buttercream tinted with green.
  • The face was also made out of fondant.

Top Tier

  • The top layer is a black spider.
  • It is also chocolate and made with expresso and an extra egg.
  • It is covered with black buttercream frosting that I piped on with a number 16 piping star tip.
  • The legs are black licorice.

To give the cake stability I used 4 wooden dowels that I cut to the depth of the 10 inch cake before I put the 8 inch cake on top. Then, I used a dowel through all layers to keep the cake from shifting while transfering the cake.

I hope everyone enjoys making this cake as much as I did. I love baking cakes and decorating them. It is a passion of mine. I am not a professional and don’t pretend to be.

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