Coolest 3D Dinosaur Cake

I made this 3D Dinosaur cake for my 3 year old nephew.  The inspiration came from looking at a lot of cakes online and tweaking the idea until it was what I wanted.  This particular cake is a stegosaurus, which is a leaf eater, but he looked a bit cooler with pointy teeth!

I used a total of 4 9″ round cakes for the entire cake and two containers of frosting.  The “plates” were molded from white candy melting bark, the claws and spiky tail are simply toothpicks dipped in the melted bark coating. I stacked two of the round cakes together with a thin layer of frosting between them, then I cut them in half and put the cut side down onto the board for the body.  The rest I just freehand sliced from the remaining cakes.  The big shrub is a piece of cake dunked in melted icing, the rocks are edible candy, as are the eggs.  It was a huge hit and the little fellow simply loved it!