Coolest 3D Donald Duck Cake

After making a Mickey Mouse cake for my son’s second birthday, he requested Donald Duck, for his third. I have uploaded pics of Mickey Mouse on this site if anyone wishes to look it up. From an engineering point of view, my biggest fear about my son requesting Donald Duck, was “How do I cantilever the beak?”. I thought about making him sitting up, but was worried about the beak sagging down the front of his face – even if it was reinforced with dowels. I thought of a few scenes and thought about Donald Duck’s character. He always seemed to land in trouble of some sort and had a reputation for being the “original angry bird” with his fiery temperament. What I tried to create was a small scene whereby Donald had fallen into a puddle of mud and had a rather displeased look on his face. The kids thought it was funny and I think I kind of captured the look I was after.

I made a red velvet cake to carve and went to work. Once again, I draw a plan view, front view and profile view. The front view was probably the most important as it let me play around with facial expression and get an idea of the look I wanted to capture.

This cake was relatively easy to carve, compared to some of my others. The face and hat were probably the trickiest areas. The plan was to let the children feed on Donald himself as that was mostly fondant and butter icing / frosting and the base was covered in a cream cheese style icing to compliment the red velvet cake for the adults. I sprinkled biscuit crumb and grated chocolate over for ground texture.

The cake compliments the Mickey Mouse version I made the previous year and was well received by the party guests.

Thanks for looking.

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