Coolest 3D Mickey Mouse Cake for a 2nd Birthday

It’s been a while since I have submitted some cakes to this site. I thought I’d add a few for inspiration as I often rely on this site for ideas when my kids place their orders for their birthday cakes. I’m an Australian Dad who makes cakes for his kids. Last time I posted here, I had two sons, but now I have a daughter who recently turned 1. So I had my first taste (pardon the pun) at making a cake for a little girl this year… I’ll add that one tonight as well. It was a Care Bear cake, if anyone is interested looking that one up. Anyway, back to the Mickey Mouse cake.

My second eldest son, from an early age, fell in love with Mickey Mouse Club House. For his second birthday he requested a Mickey Mouse cake. He is now 3 years old and guess what he requested for his third birthday… Donald Duck (I’ll put that up tonight as well for anyone interested). I’m pretty sure he is growing out of the Disney theme now though. So I’m not sure what he will want for his fourth birthday.

Making the Mickey Mouse Cake

So this Mickey Mouse is just butter cake that, first of all, has been carved. Then covered with a thin layer of butter icing / frosting, then covered in rolled fondant. I’ve since started covering my cakes in chocolate ganache prior to rolling fondant as it tastes better and can be smoothed easier to give a better base for getting smooth fondant. For most of my 3D cakes I usually draw a plan, front and profile view. Being a structural engineer, that’s probably the technical side coming out, but it’s just a guide as halfway through, the creative instincts take over and I just carve it up freely.

I only make cakes for my own children and I used to pretend that I had no interest in making cakes. The truth is, I’m slowly growing to like it, but not enough that I’d want to make more than 3 cakes per year. It’s not a passion and I have no training what so ever – I’m just giving it a go. I still groan at the start of cake construction, just thinking about the process that I have to go through, but by the end I’m happy I put in the effort that I did.

Thanks for looking.

Mickey Mouse Cake

4 thoughts on “Coolest 3D Mickey Mouse Cake for a 2nd Birthday”

  1. Great job! That is amazing. I too only do cakes for my four grandsons and two daughters and have no training. It’s just a little hobby, but WOW, I wish I had your talent!!!

  2. Great Job….that is Amazing, I too only do cakes for my 4 grandsons & two Daughters and have no training…just a little hobby, but WOW, wish I had your talent !!!

  3. Wow that is one awesome cake I would love to be talented enough to make that for my grandson who is turning one and also loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

  4. Wow that is one awesome cake I would love to be talented enough to make that for my grandson who is turning one and also loves mickey mouse clubhouse

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