Coolest 3D Monster Truck Cake

Cake Pan: I used the Wilton Cruiser pan that I purchased from Michael’s. Once the cake was baked, I cut the “hatchback” off of the car to make it look like the bed of the truck. Once baked, put cake on piece of cardboard covered with foil that is cut to same size or a little smaller for support.

Cake Recipe: I used Pillsbury’s Yellow Cake boxed mix. It takes 6 and 1/2 cups of batter which equals about one and half boxes of cake mix.

Icing: Duncan Hines’ Whipped Fluffy White icing and added Wilton’s red coloring to it to make the rich red color. Adding just plain red food coloring will give you pink icing, not red! Warning, once you mix coloring with icing, you may need to refrigerate icing before putting it on the cake as it gets pretty thin and too hard to work with.

Decorating: Roll bars are black licorice; headlights are yellow M&Ms, tail lights are red M&Ms; fog lights are miniature marshmallows; windshield and windows are laffy taffy (heat in microwave for about 12 seconds, roll flat with rolling pin, cut to shape and fit); wheels are Crueller donuts covered in chocolate cake frosting and held to cake with toothpicks; and crushed Oreo cookies make dirt under truck.

Suspension of cake: I covered four wooden blocks with foil and set them underneath cake. I attempted to use 3 inch wedding tiers but they were too tall.

Ideas I got came from various pictures online that I put together to make the cake “my own”. My son loved it for his fourth birthday! It was a lot of fun to make and didn’t take much time either!

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