Coolest 3D R2D2 Birthday Cake Design

For this 3D R2D2 Birthday Cake Design, you will need: 6 in round pan, 9×9 pan, buttercream icing, fondant icing and a frosting tip. I made a 6 in. round cake and a 9×9 cake. For his head, I cut the 6 in. round in half. The body is the 9×9 pan, slightly trimmed on the horizontal sides.

For the shoulders, I just shaped the rounded edges with a cake knife. For his feet, I used the excess cake from the trimmed edges and cut small triangles to stick to each side of the arms. I “stuck” all the pieces together with buttercream icing. I covered the whole cake in buttercream.

I started with the body; I covered it all in white fondant. I sliced the fondant at the arms, straight down, to make it look like they could move. Then, I covered the top portion of the head in grey fondant (used a little black dye). After I put the fondant on, I brushed on silver dust to make it look like metal. I then started with the detail: all the dark blue detail is fondant, cut piece by piece and pasted on with buttercream. The silver pieces are also fondant.

The white lines, light blue lines, and brown lines on his feet are in buttercream with a frosting tip. Also, the red and blue circles on his face are in buttercream.

This cake took a long time to make because of all the detail, but we all love it!

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