Coolest 3D Shark Cake

I had a request for a ‘3D’ shark cake for a cousin’s 4th birthday. This was made with the Wilton football and a regular 13×9 pan. The shark is 2 football cakes with strawberry filling. All the frosting is Wilton recipe buttercream (about 2 1/2 batches). The shark was decorated per the instructions on the Wilton website.

The bottom cake is a 13×9 funfetti cake with white buttercream colored with the blue Wilton spray color. The shark is heavy so I put a piece of cardboard with long toothpicks under it (covered up with frosting) between the cakes to support the weight. The fins and tail are made of thicker paper covered with frosting stuck into cake with toothpicks I taped onto them. The recipe calls for fondant fins but I didn’t have time to do them 3 days ahead. The sharks teeth are made of the edible paper as I couldn’t get them to look right with the tip in the directions.

Homemade 3D Shark Cake