Coolest 3rd Birthday Fire Truck Cake

This 3rd birthday fire truck cake was my first attempt at a specialty cake for my son’s birthday. Since I am not very knowledgeable regarding baking cakes, I did a lot of online searching for tips. Here are some of the ones that really helped me.

1. I used store bought mix, but found recipes that added instant pudding to make the cake more dense which helps with shaping. I also used some wood dowels and did not put too much frosting between layers.

2. This cake served about 50 people (it was a half a sheet plus a 8×8 pan). I think the larger size was easier to work with.

3. I wrapped and froze the cake before cutting and putting the first layer of frosting.

4. By using mostly frosting with some things such as the ladder and windows in fondant, the cake had a good look along with tasting good.

5. I made the ladders a week earlier and air dried them so they did not bend on the cake.

6. Rather than try and replicate a toy, I used some star cake tips for decorating to give the truck a birthday cake look. This also helped me with not having to make completely straight lines in frosting.

7. I kept the cake refrigerated until it was served to make sure the frosting did not sag.

Homemade 3rd Birthday Fire Truck Cake