Coolest 45 Record Cake

My sister-in-law turned 45 this year and I wanted to make a cake with a 45 theme in mind. After brainstorming with my husband, we decided what better than a record!

Step 1 completed. I had an idea!

Step 2, what to make the record out of? A little more challenging if you have limited decorating experience, so I decided to seek out the advice of more experienced decorators online. Result, try fondant.

Step 3, what fondant to use? Having never used fondant before and hearing from various sources that Wilton ready-to-use fondant didn’t taste very good, I decided to attempt homemade. What a disaster! I have since learned that you can’t make homemade black fondant, the closest I came was battleship gray and the consistency was all wrong.

By this point I was becoming a little discouraged, until I was in the cake decorating section at Michael’s and found a new product, Duff’s Buttercream Fondant. It comes in 2 lb containers and there are a variety of colors, one of which is black! It’s easy to use and tastes good.

Step 4, making the cake. I used a 8″ X 3″ round pan. The pan will hold a 2 layer cake mix.

Step 5, icing the cake. I flat iced it with ready-to-use buttercream icing.

Step 6, making the big record. I measured the dimensions from an actual 45 record. The outside diameter of the black is 7″ and the inside is 3 1/2″. The outside diameter of the white is 3 1/2″ and the inside is 1 1/4″. I found the center adapter at an antique shop (a little challenging to find). For the writing I used a black food coloring marker.

Step 7, making the small records. I used 2 different sized round fondant cutters as well as the letter fondant cutters to spell out my sister-in-law’s name. I used buttercream icing to attach the records to the cake.

Step 8, the finishing touch. I used #18 and #21 star tips to pipe buttercream icing on the top and at the base of the cake.

The 45 Record Cake was a huge success and there was no leftovers!

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  1. Congrats! Your design turned out beautiful. :) I couldn’t find any black fondant when I designed the thundercats cake for my brother, which I’ve posted on this site too; so I had to make my own.

    Gel colors are a wonderful invention since they wont water down the fondant like liquid food color does. I cant wait to see what other creations you come up with. Please share! :)


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