My son asked me for a Spiderman cake for his 5th birthday. I searched online for some ideas and came across a cake that gave me the idea to make this cake and how to incorporate all of his favorite superheroes on one cake. I have never covered a cake with fondant before and now I was going to cover 5 different sections of cake and not regular shaped areas. I knew this would be a challenge.

My husband and I made homemade marshmallow fondant (found a recipe on Pinterest) and colored it, however I bought the red fondant since I knew it would be hard to get the color red. We used various cookie cutters to get the shapes and my hubby made the Hulk’s fist.

I made a #5 cake out of round and square cake pans. Once it cooled, I put it in the fridge to chill overnight. I then put a coat of icing and then froze it for a few hours to let it harden. I rolled out the different colors and put them on one at a time, trimming when needed (had to remove some and try again a few times since I couldn’t get it to look right). But I think overall the cake came out good. I also made cupcakes to match since the cake wouldn’t be enough to feed my family and friends.

My son came down and I was proud to show him the cake and he looks at me and says, “That’s not what I asked for!” In the end he loved the cake (even if it wasn’t just Spiderman). He also loved the taste of the homemade fondant over the store bought one.