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Coolest Blue 50th Birthday Cake

I was worried when I got this request for a 50th Birthday Cake, a 5 is an odd shaped number. It was actually easier then I thought to cover in fondant (homemade MM fondant). The bow is molding vanilla (same as molding chocolate). It was fun to make and got to try some new things. The 5 and 1 are cut with a knife, no special pans. It’s 2 layers of regular sheet cakes. It was tougher then I thought to make the 0. I realized if I cut the middle, there was not enough fondant to lay on the inner sections, so I covered in the brown fondant and put white border around it.

I think it came out okay. This is my 5th cake I’ve made since I started playing with fondant. I’m very pleased with the outcome, even after wanting to scream at the beginning. Back story, the part of the cake for the 0 fell apart, it is still. I pieced it back together since it split in half. The fondant held it in place nice.