I made this 50th birthday toilet cake for a co-worker, everyone loved it. The only thing eatable is the pound cake covered in white icing for the bowl. Inside the bowl is blue jello cubed to look like water and a giant tootie roll curled and shaped.

The floor is cardboard covered in white paper and I drew squares and glued the blue paper diamonds on. The base is a floral form covered in white paper and the tank is a cardboard box also covered in white paper and I added a real tank handle I purchased at a hardware store.

The tank is held on by skewers attached threw the tank to the floral form and the floral form is attached to the floor with floral picks. The pound cake is on a small paper plate and is also attached to the floral form by skewers. The lid is cardboard cut and covered with white printer paper that I typed out the wording on my computer.