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Coolest 6th Birthday Snowman Cake

I used two different Wilton pans to bake this 6th Birthday Snowman Cake. The bottom was baked in a soccer ball pan and the top in a 3D bear pan. I used two boxed pound cake mixes for the cake. I mixed and baked each cake according to directions.

For the cake baked in the bear pan, I had to trim the ears, arms and legs from the baked cake before frosting. I used wooden skewers to help support the two cakes. After stacking them, I frosted the whole thing in a thin layer of white icing. Then I used a star tip over the entire cake to finish it off.

I made the hat and scarf from fondant and used Junior Mints for the eyes and buttons. The arms were made out of pretzel rods. I adhered the fingers with melting chocolate. Finally, I used the tip of a real carrot for the nose. I had made the cake the night before the party, and finished it off. Next time, I would wait to put the carrot in until the time of the party, because it shrank up a little bit.

My son loved his snowman cake and it was delicious!

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