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Coolest 8th Birthday Baby Groot Cake

This Baby Groot cake was actually the biggest pain to make at one point, only because I ALWAYS overdo it for birthdays. I love them and feel like everyone deserves to be spoiled, so this cake was for my youngest son’s 8th birthday.

As you can see it was for a Guardians of the Galaxy themed party. I already had it in my head that I wanted to use fondant and a galaxy. Baby groot was planned last minute (AKA 2am and was done using my imagination at that point) because originally I wanted to do the orb on top. I had some great ideas for that, but forgot to buy all the stuff needed to accomplish it.

Baby Groot Cake Instructions

  • I started baking the cakes and for this I used two 9 inch cake pans for the bottom and two 6 inch pans for the top part.
  • Once the cakes were done and cooled, I colored the marshmallow butter frosting I made teal and I used wilton’s food coloring paste to do that.

Everything was going super smooth until I had to lay down the black fondant. OMG! That was frustrating! I am a newbie at fondant. I have used it before as parts of the cake, but I have never laid it over the entire cake. If you know what you are doing then it’s a “piece of cake” (hehe), but if you act like you know (like me) then… not so much. so I had cracks and lines and ugh… it was not working. I even had a meltdown and my husband suggested buying a cake instead and going simple. LOL! I admitted to my pride and continued to sulk until I decided to pull it all off and started fresh. It is almost 1:00 in the morning by this point.

  • After I made sure my fondant was big enough after rolling it out, I laid it over the bottom cake, smoothed it out, and did the same with the smaller cake.
  • Then I assembled the smaller cake on top of the bigger one again. By no means was it perfect BUT the very small imperfections, I was able to hide with my “galaxies” and frosting.
  • To make the galaxies, I used Wilton gel food coloring, and mixed it with white cake paint (can’t think of the actual name, but I got it at Walmart in the wedding cake aisle).

NOTE: The only way any color shows up on black fondant is if you mix each color with the white.

  • I had some cake paint brushes and started painting my galaxy. I loved that part of it!
  • Then I mixed brown with some white fondant to make my Baby Groot.
  • I cut little lines in his head for his hair and fingers.
  • I crushed up a bunch of Oreos for dirt.
  • I had some paper cups for the party, so I put a GOTG sticker on the front of one and then I stuck a metal kitchen skewer in baby Groot and through the bottom of the cup all the way down through the middle of the cake.
  • I added some pastel Sixlets candy around the cake and viola! Done!

I wasn’t quite sure how I liked it just because of the struggle, but everyone kept talking about how amazing it was and how it must have took forever and so on.

The birthday boy couldn’t believe it and wanted to eat Baby Groot. He said, “Thanks mom, for always making our days so special. You always make the best cakes and this was exactly what I wanted.” So glad I didn’t buy a cake and give up!

Coolest 8th Birthday Baby Groot Cake