Sweet Homemade Abby Cadabby Birthday Cake

I was asked to make my husband’s niece’s 1st birthday cake. I am known as the cake lady in my and my husbands family. I always baked cakes but just started specialty cakes almost two years ago. This has really become something I love doing.

I used the Wilton Abby cake pan for the character, and I used a Wilton 16in round cake pan for base. To decorate Abby I used icing which I colored. I piped in outline, then went in between with star to fill in the body. I also took fondant colored it different colors and used a cutter to cut out the stars and flowers shapes. On the 16in round (base) I covered with a larger star tip in vanilla.

Everyone loved it and I got several offers to do other family and friend cakes. I will definitely post all the specialty cakes I’ve done thus far. I love the idea of everyone posting creative ideas. I love coolest homemade cakes.

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