Coolest Aeroplane Birthday Cake

My Dad was a pilot so it was obvious he should have an Aeroplane Birthday Cake for his 70th birthday! I also had the idea of having all his family as passengers so had pictures taken of us all looking in the correct position and had them printed on edible rice paper.

I drew out the shape of the plane pieces on paper so I could use them as a stencil when cutting the cakes. When the cakes were cooked I froze them wrapped in baking paper then they were easier to cut and ice.

I found some cloud wrapping paper which I covered over a large chopping board then covered that in white baking paper. This made it easy to wipe away any icing.

Finally I cut out the passengers, put them on the icing and iced around them to make windows. The cake was enjoyed by all and of course everyone had to eat themselves!

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