Coolest Agent Perry Cake

I made this Agent Perry Cake for a baby shower (yes – I said a baby shower). My cousin allowed her 4 year old to choose the cake, and this is what she wanted. So, I looked at several pictures of Perry online, and finally found one I thought I could duplicate in cake.

I started with 2 11×15 cakes, leveled and laid out side by side. Looking at the picture I chose, I carefully carved the outline of his body. I added some of the cut-off pieces to the tail to make it larger, then started piping. It was difficult to create that aqua blue color, but after some trial and error, I think I got pretty close.

It was a fun cake to do. My kids always love it when I do a character they know – its hard to keep them out of the kitchen. Everybody at the party loved it, even if it was an odd cake for a baby shower!

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  1. This is a fantastic cake! The problem is I know my little guy, I will probably have to bake the whole set of characters!! I will post my composite when I am done


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